Your Digital You

Idfyed is an identity service that enables easy and safe identification, always protecting user integrity. Our id can be applied everywhere, both digital and physical. That way we unite the physical and digital world.

A digital id in an app

The id is an app which means everyone with a smartphone can get it. The id contains everything that makes a person unique and only the relevant data is shared for identification. We use proven encryption techniques to ensure the data is always safe and never shared without user consent.

Login without passwords

Idfyed is ideal when you want an easy and safe login at a website, protecting user integrity. The users login without password and the website host saves a lot of administration for handling security as well as new, lost and expired passwords.

Easy entries with QR codes

QR codes make it possible to use the id and identify people in the physical world since the codes can be placed anywhere. Let people identify with Idfyed when they enter loyalty programs, register at events, collect offers or join campaigns in store.