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Customer applications that require login place ever higher demands on smoothness, high security and GDPR compliance.

As we use more and more digital applications such as tenant apps, "My pages" and loyalty programs to handle the relationship with our customers, increasing demands are placed on simple and flexible login. The number of user accounts to administer is growing and the user data with it. User data, that users are becoming more and more reluctant to let someone else capitalize on. Today, most individuals have an multitude of user accounts for all kinds of applications, which makes it a challenge to keep track of the account information, to understand what data that is shared and above all to know how the data generated is used. The requirements on a more democratic and less commercial way of treating user data is ever growing. The prerequisite for customers to use these solutions is of course that they feel that it is easy to login and use and, above all, that they feel safe with the data management. And, it is usually not until the penetration and frequency of use becomes high that the expected value arises!

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Identify people in a relevant way

Longterm, we don't believe in using your Facebook or Google account to login. Mainly due to these companies' business model. User accounts with ID and password is an administrative and security challenge, both for the company and the users. BankID has become the go-to solution for many companies today. A good and secure solution, but do personal identity numbers really need to be used in all applications we login to? What do you need to know to identify someone? In some situations you need a verified personal identity number, but sometimes an professional identity or e-mail address is enough. And when it is important to guarantee anonymity, you actually don't need any personal information at all. Idfyed makes it easy to protect your privacy.

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A professional identity for your employees, partners and/or customers

Give your employees, partners or customers a professional identity and issue it to the Idfyed app. The professional identity can be used in all business relations. It protects privacy and is perfect when other ID solutions for any reason are not relevant to use.

Identify a person without revealing her identity

Idfyed makes it possible to identify a person without revealing her identity. No personal information is shared between you and the person, still you know who she is. This is a very smart feature when you need to guarantee anonymity.

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