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One solution for every touchpoint

Idfyed works in the same way online as in real life. This means that you can identify your customers, employees and partners with the same digital ID solution globally and everywhere. It is as easy to use Idfyed as login alternative at your website as it is to use Idfyed to register your products or participate at your events.

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Identify people in a relevant way

What do you need to know in order to identify a person? Idfyed helps you to always identify people in a relevant way. Sometimes it is relevant that you know their verified social security number, at other times their professional identity or email address will be enough. There are even times when anonymity is crucial and you need not know anything at all. Idfyed helps you!

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A professional identity for your employees, partners and/or customers

Give your employees, partners or customers a professional identity and issue it to the Idfyed app. The professional identity can be used in all business relations. It protects privacy and is perfect when other ID solutions for any reason are not relevant to use.

Identify a person without revealing her identity

Idfyed makes it possible to identify a person without revealing her identity. No personal information is shared between you and the person, still you know who she is. This is a very smart feature when you need to guarantee anonymity.

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