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Why do I need an app for using Idfyed?

The app holds your digital id and contains everything that makes you unique. The app is also your tool for sharing relevant data about yourself with the ones you choose.

How do I get a digital id?

Download the Idfyed app to your smartphone. Voilà, your digital id is created.

Can I have a digital id on more than one smartphone?

No. Idfyed is your digital you and there’s only one of you. That’s why you can only have one id and on one smartphone.

Is it possible to recover my id?

Yes, it’s possible to recover the id. Just download the app to your new phone and choose “recover your id”. Make sure you have a verified email address in your id. You will need it recovering the app.

Can I terminate my id?

Yes, you can terminate your id, just send us an email to We will send you a terminate email to confirm your request, once you confirm your id and agreement will be terminated.

You can also terminate the agreement with help from Konsumentverket. Please visit their website for guidance.